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Keynote Speaking

Kathleen started her Corporate career at the Stock Exchange as a Marketing Manager, although after eight years she hit the glass ceiling and found a more passionate profession in the 90’s as an LPGA Golf Instructor.  As a pioneering entrepreneur, she introduced the holistic approach to golf performance, and the ground-breaking High Five System, until one tragic day she was struck in the head by an errant speeding golf ball.  Kathleen suffered a traumatic brain injury, which ended her career and put her on the path of recovery and completely reinventing herself. She had to re-learn how to read, write, and speak again.


After over twenty years, she utilized her own body-mind-spirit  modalities to live a good quality of life, and to become a professional speaker and author of her survivor’s memoir, Direct Hit.


As a resilience expert, Kathleen inspires and uplifts audiences with how she reprogrammed her brain using some of the most innovative methods and strategies, and she shares how to maximize your own personal performance, whether at home or in the workplace. As a visionary, Kathleen’s  evidence-based message guides us back to nature and the feminine touch, with simple truths and spiritual lessons, and empowers us to trust and have faith in our inner wisdom and guidance.

You can download a PDF here with additional details about our speaking services and review two clips from the recent Pathways To Wellness and Eurofins conferences. You can also read her testimonials from happy clients!

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