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Listen, Watch and Read.

Video:  Hurdlers of Adversity with John Register.  As a resilience expert, Kathleen Klawitter inspires and uplifts audiences with how she reprogrammed her brain using some of the most innovative methods and strategies, and she shares how to maximize your own personal performance, whether at home or in the workplace. Watch now on YouTube.

Podcast:  Libby Gill's Leadership Lab. During her journey to recovery and complete reinvention, Kathleen discovered tools and techniques that transformed her life physically, emotionally, and spiritually. With refreshing candor, Kathleen shares the strategies she used to reprogram her brain and re-envision her life. Listen on Libsyn.

Video: Life With Arwen. In this conversation, Kathleen joins the podcast to share the story of the injury that changed her life, her road to recovery with help from the people that rallied around her as she healed, and the three key things she learned along the way. Watch now on YouTube.

Video: During Chaucer's Virtual Author Event with Connie St. John, Kathleen shared her Santa Barbara homecoming where her rehabilitation from traumatic brain injury unfolded.  In addition, she discussed how her survivors memoir, Direct Hit, was birthed over twenty years ago.  Watch now on YouTube.

Article:  Speaker Magazine featured Kathleen in the article TRIUMPH: Over Traumatic Brain Injury.  She discusses the day that she was hit by a golf ball and the lessons she learned along the way. You can download it here.

Article: Santa Barbara Independent newspaper features Kathleen in Kathleen Klawitter’s Direct Hit.   Kathleen Klawitter’s life as a professional golfer was destroyed when she was struck in the head by an errant golf ball in 1998, causing a traumatic brain injury.  You can read it here.

Article: HR-C Suite features Kathleen in her article The Art of Serenity. Kathleen discusses how to find serenity in the present moment while handling life’s difficulties. You can read it here.

Article: Kelly Brickey interviews Kathleen about being a board member for Jodi House. Located
in the heart of downtown Santa Barbara, Jodi House is situated in a historic, 1875 Victorian farmhouse. Since its humble beginnings, Jodi House has become a vibrant activity center and the main source of support, referrals and information for the local brain injury community. You can read the article here.

Podcast: Rick Bernstein’s The Pod of DC. Kathleen shares her story from gifted athlete to marketing manager on the stock exchange to finding her true calling as an LPGA golf instructor helping students discover and refine the art of creative golf shot making. One summer morning in 1998, Kathleen's life was turned upside down when an errant golf ball hit her on the head causing a traumatic brain injury. Kathleen would have to relearn how to read, write, speak, and live independently. Enduring years of rehabilitation and with the support of therapists, friends, and family, Kathleen now travels the country sharing her inspirational story of overcoming life's biggest challenges and facing them with hope, determination, spirituality, and empowerment. Listen on Apple.

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