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About Kathleen

Passionate About Inspiring Others

Kathleen Klawitter is a former LPGA golf instructor who was a pioneer in the body–mind–spirit approach in the early 1990s. Kathleen has a BA in psychology and has almost thirty years of experience in holistic modalities including Science of Mind, Women’s Studies, Eastern philosophy, and Earth-based spirituality.

Although Kathleen suffered a traumatic brain injury and is considered disabled, she became a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and was honored with the seldom-bestowed Spirit Award. In 2017, she moved up to Advanced Toastmaster, winning a Toastmaster’s International Area speech contest. The same year, she became the first National Speaker Association (NSA) Academy member to be featured in Speaker magazine for her article “Triumph Over Traumatic Brain Injury.”

In her memoir, Direct Hit, Kathleen transports readers into her real-life stories with a visceral experiential journey, leaving them uplifted, empowered, and ready to seize the moment. With refreshing candor, she regales readers in how she reprogrammed her brain by using some of the most innovative methods and strategies. This author is ferocious about not believing in appearances and embodies the “live your ecstatic potential” philosophy. Her vivid tale exemplifies the immense capacity of the human spirit.

Motivated by this inspired reclamation of her life, Kathleen passionately shares her transformational journey as an emerging feminine force, speaking to audiences everywhere.

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