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Our True Normal

A Meltdown Moment I had a huge melt down the other day…how about you? Has this happened to anyone else these days? Am I alone here? Ironically, it wasn’t about COVID-19. It was about venturing back to a neuro-psychological evaluation I had regarding my traumatic brain injury in 1998, as an exercise for my writing group. No kidding… I had to go back to refresh my memory on all my official medical deficits, because I have come back from this injury in a most profound way. When I read the sixty-page report, I took a nosedive and broke down and cried for over an hour. It was quite unexpected. It’s kind of like what most of you are experiencing right now. Like someone has just pulled the rug right out from under your feet, and you’ve landed on the floor with a great big thud. When life takes a dramatic sharp turn downward, what can we do? Embrace it, even lean into it, and take the fall. Surrender to what is. Then listen, and feel the pulsing life-force within, the desire that swells inside of you to begin again and reach for something new to come shining through. Ignited by a lightning strike

You might be saying what do you mean, Kathleen? I had asked for some understanding about what was happening in my own life, and nature delivered an answer. Look closely, at the tree in the photo. I noticed it on my walk after my melt down. A large branch had broken almost all the way and angled straight down to the earth. But then I noticed something miraculous happened. The composting soils beneath the tree generated some churning heat. It had grown new branches that were reaching straight up to the sun, towards the light. The life force of the tree burst forth and atoned to the shift and kept growing. It kept growing! That is exactly how the life force is within us. But all too many of us have just forgotten. Yet, we too, have this powerful energy within us; it is innate. As we are now forced to slow down with the COVID-19 limitations, we have the opportunity to connect with the greater natural powers of the Universe, especially with nature and Spirit. We dig our feet into the potent rooting power of the earth and begin to resonate with our “true normal.” This is our birth right, to begin to move towards life, and the Light. What will you create? What new platform will you speak from? What new habit will over-lay the old one? Our brains are resilient, our true normal is alive with life force. Your Assignment: Find your true normal, despite the lightning strike of the downward trends of the stock market, your livelihood, your health, your social life.

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