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The Art of Serenity

I’ve awakened to live another day… and so have you. I appreciate all that you are, have been, and who you will become again. I know the road is quite different and difficult for you now, and at times unmanageable, and unimaginable. But here we are at the crossroads of uncertainty, continuing through each moment, each day, as best we can. Breathe with every moment and continue to balance the have to do list, with the pampering of your healing self. This dance will be key as you move forward. Listen

I have just finished eating my bowl of fruit for breakfast, and continue to sit and look out the window onto the lake. As I listen to the birds in their melodic symphony, I lend my ears to the silence in-between their chorus of life. How lovely the sound that comes from the silence. I deepen into this audio experience, and follow a similar pattern as I breathe, the pause in-between my inhale and exhale, assures me that I am alive. I realize when I sit and gaze at the night sky, I am mesmerized not only by the twinkling stars, but the darkness in-between them. I rest in this place of serenity, this state of mind where only this resonance can be achieved. Happiness may come and go, but existence is always there to support me. The notes of life appear for those who have ethereal ears to hear. This is where I rest, this is where I create, this is where I begin again and again. Join me in this glorious realm.

Your assignment: Where is your place of serenity? I invite you to find your place in this realm at least once a day. Please share with me that special place.

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