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Reprogram Your Brain

Take Charge of Your Life



Whether you are recovering from a traumatic brain injury, have lost hope of overcoming your challenges, or want to live a more fulfilling life, motivational speaker Kathleen Klawitter has an empowering message that will help you take control of your life from within.


Meet Kathleen

Kathleen Klawitter knows the meaning of resilience. She had a thriving career as a pioneering LPGA golf pro teaching the groundbreaking, “High Five System,”  when her life took a dramatic turn. Kathleen took a direct hit from a speeding golf ball, resulting in a traumatic brain injury. During her journey to recovery and complete reinvention, Kathleen discovered tools and techniques that transformed her life physically, emotionally, and spiritually. With refreshing candor, Kathleen shares the strategies she used to reprogram her brain and re-envision her life. Even when faced with having to learn to read, write, and speak all over again, she looked at life with optimism and gratitude. Her empowering story illustrates the immense capacity of the human spirit and shows people that, with perseverance and an action plan, anyone can transform their life. See the testimonials from her happy clients!

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"In her compelling book, Direct Hit, Kathleen Klawitter takes us on a transformational and captivating journey from chaos to complete recovery.  Written in an epic, cinematic style, her true story unravels with fascinating twists and turns.  A must-read if you want to live your life in full swing." - Nabil Doss

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